Winter storage

Winter storage

Prices below reflect the pricing from the 2019-20 season and are subject to change before the 2020-21 season.

Basic $200
Includes an on-site, secure and heated winter storage space, a multi-point vehicle inspection, fuel stabilizer, the battery charge maintained throughout the winter and a basic wash.  TriGlides $250

Bronze $325 
Includes the Basic package plus we also change the transmission, primary and engine oils with Syn3 and change the filter. Milwaukee-Eight $345. TriGlides $375

Silver $500 
Includes the Basic package plus we will perform a 5 or 10k maintenance on your motorcycle with Syn3. Milwaukee-Eight $540. TriGlides $600

Gold $600 
Includes the Silver package plus a complete showroom quality motorcycle detail valued up to $250. Milwaukee-Eight $640. TriGlides $700.

All packages must be paid for at the time of drop off to receive discounted pricing.

Spend $1000 or more on parts and labor while your bike is in storage and choose ...

1) Receive a $200 Storage fee credit on your invoice.*

          (All invoices must be paid within 14 days of completion of service to be eligible for free storage. Sorry no carry in parts allowed. *Work must be authorized prior to 3/1 to qualify.)

2) Split invoice total into monthly payments during your winter storage.

        (All invoices must be paid before end of storage season before motorcycle can be picked up or delivered.)

Military Storage

Basic storage is free during active-duty deployment.

Additional Information

  • Bikes are generally available for pickup 24-48 hours from request.
  • Drop off your motorcycle anytime this Fall or Winter, no appointment needed, and pick it up before May 1st. 
  • A $50 per month charge applies to motorcycles remaining in storage after May 1st. 
  • Add pick-up or pre-scheduled delivery to any package starting at $20 for Fox Valley and the surrounding areas.
  • Some exclusions may apply, cannot be combined with any other offers, package pricing does not include sales tax.
  • Due to discounted pricing, Rider Reward points do not count towards winter storage package.

Call the Service Department at 920.750.6910 or Text AHDWR to 59925 to reserve your spot today! Call Service Department for more details on our winter storage service specials.

Tips for Long-Term Motorcycle Storage

Proper long-term motorcycle storage ensures your Harley-Davidson motorcycle remains healthy and ready for many more rides to come. What to do and how to do it can be a challenge, especially for newer motorcycle owners who are trying to figure it out for the first time. Listed below are recommendations for long-term motorcycle storage. Also, review the storage tips included in your Owner's Manual. 

1. Clean and inspect the Harley-Davidson Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery. Keep it fully charged. Replace any battery that is leaking or that has a bulged case, indicating it was overcharged.

    Note: Some riders attempt to keep their motorcycle battery charged by periodically starting and running their motorcycle for a few        minutes white it is in storage. Unfortunately, these short run cycles are harder on the motorcycle and battery than not starting it at all. 

>Short start and run cycles leave the battery in a discharged condition, making it more susceptible to sulfation, one of the biggest causes of battery failure.

>Additionally, the combustion process inside the engine produces water and carbon dioxide along with other corrosive ingredients. Short run cycles don't allow the engine to reach full operating temperature, which leaves some moisture in the cylinder and exhaust system that increases the corrosive effects. 

2. Use a Harley-Davidson Battery Charger or Battery Tender to maintain motorcycle battery at full charge capacity.

Harley Davidson Battery Tenders or Battery Chargers incorporate a microprocessor that reads battery voltage and adjusts charging output accordingly. Do not use steady rate battery chargers because they may overcharge or undercharge the AGM battery. 


   > 800mA Waterproof Batter Tender

   > 1.25Amp Global Battery Charger

   > 750mA SuperSmart® Battery Tender

3. Change the engine oil and oil filter.

Fuel and acids present in dirty oil will accelerate the rate of corrosion. Leaving dirty oil in the engine during long-term storage may accelerate engine corrosion leading to a premature engine rebuild. A fresh fill of Scream' Eagle® SYN3 Full Synthetic Lubricant or H-D®360 Motorcycle Oil will help protect your engine, even when the engine isn't running. 

4. Check the engine coolant level, change is necessary (VRSC, Street, FLHTK, and Tri-Glide® Ultra models).

Use Harley-Davidson Extended Life Anti-Freeze & Coolant. It protects against freezing to minus 37 degrees F. Replace coolant if it is more than 10 years old or has been more than 30,000 since it was last changed. 

5. Fill the fuel tank completely.

A motorcycle stored with the fuel tank less than full exposes bare metal in the tank to potential corrosion. If the tank becomes excessively corroded, it may require a corrosion-removal treatment or replacement. 

6. Add Harley-Davidson® Ethanol Guard Fuel Stabilizer to preserve fuel.

Stale fuel can produce engine starting problems, foul spark plugs and cause engine surging and misfiring. In a worst-case scenario, stale fuel may need to be discarded and the fuel tank flushed. Fuel Stabilizer slows the aging of the fuel and ensures an efficient start after months of storage. 

7. If motorcycle has a carburetor, evacuate all the fuel from the fuel line and carburetor by running engine with fuel valve turned off until engine quits.

This prevents gasoline varnish build-up in the small and functionally important orifices inside the carburetor.

8. Carefully inspect condition of the tires and adjust tire air pressure to the proper specifications.

For information on proper tire-pressure, refer to the Owner's Manual or Service Manual for the appropriate motorcycle model. Also, click here for tire condition, care and maintenance guidelines.  

      Note: Tire condition greatly affects motorcycle operation and rider/passenger safety. If you do not feel 100% confident in your ability to ascertain a good tire from a bad tire, we strongly encourage you to take your motorcycle to an authorized Harley-Davidson dealership.

9. Clean and protect motorcycle surface finishes prior to storage using Harley-Davidson surface care products that are designed and tested for your motorcycle.

Using cleaning products such as: Harley-Davidson Quick Wash; Sunwash®; bug Remover;  Denim Paint Cleaner; Wheel and Tire Cleaner; Seat, Saddlebag and Trim Cleaner; and Boot Mark Remover. Dry motorcycle completely after washing and then protect surface finishes with: Harley-Davidson Spray Cleaner & Polish; Chrome Clean and Shine; Engine Brightener; Gloss Detailer; Glaze Poly Sealant; and Leather Protectant. Follow instructions on the container for best results. 

10. Cover your motorcycle to protect it from impact, dust and dirt.

However, not just any cover will do; nonbreathable covers trap moisture, which increases the effects of corrosion. Harley-Davidson motorcycle covers are designed to protect the bike while allowing corrosion-causing moisture to escape. 

11. Store the motorcycle in a safe location. Do not store near agricultural fertilizers, swimming pool chemicals, salts for icy roadways or water softeners or any other chemically reactive compounds.

Chemicals such as these are commonly stored in the same area as the motorcycle and emit caustic gases that greatly accelerate corrosion. 

     Tip: Many riders perform scheduled maintenance and/or customization while the motorcycle is inactive in long-term storage. This enhances the experience and increases riding time when the weather improves. Talk to the service department for ideas on how to maximize the enjoyment during long-term storage periods.