Summer Sign Ins

Summer Sign Ins

From June 9th through September 1st stop into the dealership weekly anytime between opening on Sunday and 11:30AM on Saturday. For your first sign in, you will stop at the MotorClothes counter and tell the girls you would like to sign in for the “Summer Sign Ins”. From here, you will be given a business card with a number on it. This will be your number the entire summer. After this, every time you stop in, you will only need to give the MotorClothes girls your number to sign in. They will check your ID and allow you to sign in for the week. 


  • Jane Doe comes in and is assigned the number 17.
  • Jane Doe will come in at least once each week between Sunday morning and Saturday BEFORE noon and let the front counter know that she is #17 and she is signing in for the week.
  • Associates will verify Jane Doe’s ID and sign her in for that particular week
  • Jane will always have the #17

So what does the “sign in” mean?

Every Saturday at NOON we will be drawing a winner for a $50 Appleton H-D gift card. We will be drawing a number via a random number generator and if your number is chosen you win IF you signed in that week. If we pick your number and you DID NOT sign in, you don’t win and your $50 rolls over to the next week where the pot will start at $100 instead of $50. This amount grows until we have a winner! Customers must be signed in for the current week to receive the gift card! Keep in mind that you must sign yourself in, other cannot sign you in. You must show an ID at the time of sign in. 

BONUS: If you are at Appleton H-D at the time you name is drawn, you win an ADDITIONAL $50 AHD giftcard!

On September 1st, we will draw until we have a winner to close out the program.

Employees , spouses, children, significant others and relatives are not eligible for this program.

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