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Inside the Garage + HOG 365

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February 22, 2020 11:00am - 1:30pm

Get ready to ride for the season! Meet the people behind the scenes and learn more about your bike at Inside the Garage. Our Master Techs, service crew, parts specialists, and Motorclothes experts will be demonstrating:

Infotainment System : Functions
• Demonstrate basic system functions
• Q&A

Infotainment System : Connections
• How to pair phones
• Getting started with H-D Connect
• Using Ride Planner
• Q&A

Travel Station
• Learn the best ways to tie down a bike
• Putting the bike in transport mode
• Q&A

Picking Up a Motorcycle Station
• Demonstrate how to pick up a tipped over motorcycle
• Q&A

Winter Storage and Shop Tour
• Learn about our winter storage packages
• Tour the main warehouse, detail area, machine shop and back through the shop.
• Q&A

Basic Maintenance
• Point out drain and fill points
• The right tools for the job
• Difference between OC vs k service
• Q&A

Riding Gear Station
• Try on and compare different Riding Gear styles and items
• See and feel how they move on and off the bike
• Get expert advice from our trained Motorclothes Riding specialists

HOG 365
• Learn more about the Fox Valley HOG Chapter, becoming a member, and member benefits.
•  If you're a HOG member, register your miles and learn about the HOG 365 program

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Inside the Garage + HOG 365
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